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History and Mission

North Dakota State University Press has given region a voice for more than seventy years. Since 2016, by means of our Contemporary Voices of Indigenous Peoples series, we launched our voice into the national and international scene. In the spring of 2019, we launched our Certificate in Publishing, approved by the State Board of Higher Education and attended by undergraduate and graduate students at NDSU and the Tri-College area. Through classroom and hands-on learning, students gain working knowledge of the history, business, and practice of small press and university press publishing. Our dual mission is to publish scholarly and literary books and to provide experiential learning for the next generation of publishers.

North Dakota State University Press exists primarily to stimulate and coordinate interdisciplinary regional scholarship. These regions include the state of North Dakota, the Red River Valley, the plains of North America (comprising both the Great Plains of the United States and the prairies of Canada), and comparable regions of other continents. We publish peer-reviewed regional scholarship, poetry, and fiction. Since 2018, NDSU Press has won more than sixty state, regional, and national book awards. We host the annual Poetry of the Plains & Prairies (POPP) Award, which garners submissions from poets across the US in competition for the unique publication of nationally-distributed, hand-letterpressed chapbooks. The POPP Award winning collection of poetry is produced on turn-of-the-century letterpress equipment by Certificate in Publishing students in collaboration with The Hunter Times Museum, The Braddock News Letterpress Museum, The South Central Steam Threshers Association, and (frequently), the North Dakota Newspaper Education Foundation.

Every first Thursday in March, we celebrate our authors who were published in the previous twelve months with our Annual NDSU Press Party. These events are free and open to the public, garnering praise as the signature event for authors and our state and regional community of readers.

In 2017 we celebrated the first publications from our Heritage Guide Series and our Contemporary Voices of Indigenous Peoples Series. In 2022, we launched the Little Book about North Dakota series. You can find out more about our series publications here.

We changed our imprint to North Dakota State University Press in January 2016. Prior to that, and since 1950, we published as the North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies Press. We continue to operate under the umbrella of the North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, located at North Dakota State University.



Dr. David Bertolini, Director of NDSU Press and Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Dr. David Bertolini has an interdisciplinary background in education and research with a PhD from Temple University in English and a Master’s degree in architecture from Virginia Tech. He has over twelve years of experience in practice from light frame construction of residential additions and alterations to large scale hospitality projects. He worked as a project manager at the award-winning firm Bower Lewis Thrower Architects in Philadelphia, PA. In March 2018, he became Director of NDSU Press, following service as the Chair of the Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

Dr. Suzzanne Kelley, Publisher and Assistant Professor of Practice

Dr. Kelley is Editor in Chief for NDSU Press and Assistant Professor of Practice. She has a BS in Applied Learning & Development from the University of Texas—Austin, summa cum laude; an MA in history from the University of Central Oklahoma where she earned the Edward Everett Dale Award; a PhD in history from North Dakota State University; and a Certificate in Publishing from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Her publications include the co-edited anthology Paper Camera: A Half Century with New Rivers Press, two co-authored chapters in peer-reviewed anthologies, and peer-reviewed articles in The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly and New Plains Review. She has worked with state, national, and international journals, editing articles with a wide array of research topics including agriculture, politics, history, and Chinese studies. Since 2003, she has worked in all genres of literary and scholarly publishing, shepherding more than one hundred books through all stages of editing and production. She teaches courses in publishing, and she is a past president of the Midwest Independent Publishing Association, which represents a twelve-state region. When she is not making books or teaching, she conducts scholarly research along two lines of inquiry: iconography of memory and collective memory in rural life in the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies, New Zealand, and Australia; and contemporary topics on the history, business, and practice of small press and university publishing.


Sarah W. Beck, Editorial Administrative Assistant

Oliver Sime, Graduate Assistant


Editorial Board

Bethany Andreasen, Minot, ND Professor of History, Minot State University

Kevin Carvell, Mott, ND Ret’d. journalist and District Director for US Sen. Byron Dorgan [23 years]), North Dakota bibliophile

John K. Cox, Fargo, ND Professor of History, North Dakota State University

Greg Danz, Fargo, ND Founder and owner, Zandbroz Variety

Denise Lajimodiere, Anishinaabe Author, Artist, and Academic (Retired Professor of Educational Leadership, NDSU)

Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat, Moorhead, MN Professor and Chair, Geosciences, North Dakota State University