Certificate in Publishing


The Certificate in Publishing is not yet in place (we anticipate spring 2019), but our publishing courses are. Check out the Introduction to Publishing (offered every fall) and the Practicum in Publishing (offered every spring). If you are looking for internship credits, register for the Field Experience in Publishing, offered every semester.

Introduction to Publishing

Listed in NDSU’s Campus Connection as AHSS 472/672 Introduction to Publishing

This introductory class will familiarize students with the history, business, and practice of small press publishing. Course lectures, readings, and activities focus on various facets of publishing history, production, and marketing processes. The course includes an orientation to North Dakota State University Press–a teaching and academic press located on the NDSU campus–and a hands-on experience in publishing a current chapbook manuscript for the press.

The course will address the following areas of small press publishing: history of the small press movement; the history and aesthetics of the book; manuscript acquisitions and editing; the business of publishing; design aspects of publishing; copyright laws and permissions; promotion and marketing; and digital publishing. Introduction to Publishing includes two required field trips.


The Practicum in Publishing 

Listed in NDSU’s Campus Connection as AHSS 476/676 Practicum in Publishing

Students enrolled in the Practicum in Publishing will have the opportunity to obtain and apply the skills of a publisher as they undertake editorial, publicity, and marketing activities for our forthcoming book releases. The students will take responsibility for key roles in social media marketing and development as well as working on line-by-line edits. The practicum puts into practice current methods and customs of scholarly and literary publishing, while meeting real-time publishing deadlines and schedules in preparation for national distribution of North Dakota State University Press books.

The Practicum in Publishing is offered every spring and is available for both Undergraduate and Graduate student credit. This practicum is repeatable for credit.



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