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We are sorry not to be able to accommodate drop-in customers, authors, and potential authors. I am happy to meet with you by appointment to talk about publishing or to assist you in a purchase. I check my voicemail and emails daily, and I will return your call or an answer to your query as soon as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Queries may be sent and orders may be placed anytime by phone, email, and at our online store. You’ll find all of that information at our Shop Now page.

Thank you,

Suzzanne Kelley, Editor in Chief



Fourteen Finalists & Award Winners

One of these days, we’ll have blog posts about something else, but these last few months have been bursting with good news in recognition. We are just three years out in our revamped & revised publishing program, and somehow–not by accident, but by seeking and publishing phenomenal manuscripts–we have raked in fourteen notes of merit this year. Our list of publications for 2016 and 2017 is being recognized this spring for the following international, national, and regional awards, the first four–from Independent Press Award–were just announced today. Don’t try to hold your breath while reading them, because the list is too long. We are a little breathless ourselves.

2018 Independent Press Award

  • Winner, Literary Fiction: This Could Have Been a Simple Story, by Ajla Terzic; translated from the Bosnian by John K. Cox
  • Winner, LGBTQ Non-fiction: Derby Girl: A Memoir, by Sammi Jones
  • Distinguished Favorite, LGBTQ Fiction: This Could Have Been a Simple Story, by Ajla Terzic, translated from the Bosnian by John K. Cox
  • Distinguished Favorite, Women’s Issues: Derby Girl: A Memoir, by Sammi Jones

2018 IPPY Awards

  • Gold, Cover Design: Derby Girl: A Memoir, by Sammi Jones; Cover design by Jamie Hohnadel Trosen
  • Bronze, Midwest–Best Regional Non-fiction: The Prairie Post Office: Enlarging the Common Life in Rural North Dakota, by K. Amy Phillips and Steven R. Bolduc, with history by Kevin Carvell and photographs by Wayne Gudmundson
  • Bronze, Science: North Dakota’s Geologic Legacy, by John P. Bluemle

2018 Foreword INDIES Awards (winners to be announced in June)

  • Finalist, Autobiography/Memoir: Derby Girl: A Memoir, by Sammi Jones
  • Finalist, LGBT Non-fiction: Derby Girl: A Memoir, by Sammi Jones

2018 Midwest Book Awards (winners to be announced in May)

  • Finalist, Arts/Photography/Coffee Table Books: Music at NDSU, by Robert Groves
  • Finalist, Fiction–Literary/Contemporary/Historical: This Could Have Been a Simple Story, by Ajla Terzic; translated from the Bosnian by John K. Cox
  • Finalist, Social Science/Political/Culture: Prairie Mosaic: An Ethnic Atlas of Rural North Dakota, 2nd Edition, by William C. Sherman; new introduction by Thomas D. Isern
  • Finalist, Social Science/Political/Culture: The Prairie Post Office: Enlarging the Common Life in Rural North Dakota, by K. Amy Phillips and Steven Bolduc, with history by Kevin Carvell and photographs by Wayne Gudmundson
  • Finalist, Total Book Design: The Prairie Post Office: Enlarging the Common Life in Rural North Dakota, by K. Amy Phillips and Steven Bolduc, with history by Kevin Carvell and photographs by Wayne Gudmundson; designed by Deb Tanner




Derby Girl: A Memoir is a finalist in TWO categories of the 2017 Foreword Indies Book Awards!

Foreword Magazine says, “Whether you’re a librarian, a bookseller, or a general lover of books, you know that independent presses and authors are publishing some of the most innovative, creative, and beautiful books. To honor the very best of indie publishing each year, Foreword Magazine created the Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards. Thousands of books are entered each year, and their panel of more than 120 librarians and booksellers take part in the judging, narrowing it down to a group of finalists and winners that represent the best books, all independently published, in over 60 categories.”

And guess who is a finalist in TWO categories? Derby Girl: A Memoir, by Sammi Jones, is listed as a finalist in the categories of Autobiography and Memoir and LGBT. We wish Sammi all the best of luck! The first-place winners will be announced in June, but we  know that Sammi is the jammer who has already scored!

For more details, check out Foreword’s write-up of this fantastic news here.

NDSU Press has FOUR titles in FIVE finalist categories at Midwest Book Awards!

We are elated to announce that four of our 2017 publications have achieved finalist status in the Midwest Independent Publishing Association’s 28th Annual MIDWEST BOOK AWARDS. The awards recognize quality in independent publishing in the Midwest. This year’s awards attracted 206 titles, entered in 31 categories. Books were entered by publishers from MIPA’s 12-state Midwestern region (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin). Winners will be announced on Saturday, May 12, 2019, at the Midwest Book Awards Gala in Saint Paul, MN.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in no particular order, our finalists are:

In the category of Arts/Photography/Coffee Table Books . . .


In the category of Fiction–Literary/Contemporary/Historical . . .

Final Cover cr

In the category of Social Science/Political Science/Culture . . .


In the category of Social Science/Political Science/Culture (Yes, we have TWO finalists in this category) . . .

Final cover

And (by long-time NDSU Press book designer Deb Tanner) in the category of Total Book Design . . .



What the Senator Says about The Prairie Post Office

We are elated to share this email from Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who praises our recent publication, The Prairie Post Office: Enlarging the Common Life in Rural North Dakota. If you’re ever in DC, please take a selfie by the display, and send us a copy! Congratulations to authors Amy Phillips and Steven Bolduc and to contributors Kevin Carvell (history of northern Dakota Territory and North Dakota post offices) and Wayne Gudmundson (100+ color photographs).
Heitkamp Letter
Senator Heitkamp’s letter transcribed:
Dear Amy:
Thank you for sending me a copy of your book, The Prairie Post Office: Enlarging the Common Life in Rural North Dakota. It is proudly displayed in my front office in Washington, DC. 
I appreciate your kind words about my work on issues impacting the United States Postal Service (USPS). I have led the fight to improve and protect mail delivery service so that everyone in North Dakota – whether they live in a rural area, small town, or a city – can count on a reliable USPS. As you noted, the post office is another facet of rural life. As such, I understand the importance of efficient mail delivery and service in helping rural communities, families, and businesses thrive and stay connected. 
My Fix My Mail initiative, a grassroots effort to help North Dakotans have their voices heard about problems with delayed mail delivery and service, has helped make sure Congress and the USPS do not leave rural mail concerns behind. These stories and feedback have helped shaped my efforts in the Senate to call for changes to mail delivery in North Dakota and rural communities.
Again, thank you for your kind and generous gift. 

Heidi Heitkamp

United States Senate




NDSU Press to launch six books at annual party Thursday

This feature story about the NDSU Press Party is written by Chelsey Engelhard Ewen, and can be found on The Arts Partnership blog page.

It’s time to celebrate the literary arts in our community!

This Thursday from 7-9pm at the Harry D. McGovern Alumni Center, Partner NDSU Press invites the public to celebrate six authors and their brand new books.

Come shop, snack and mingle with the authors, who will each do a more formal presentation about their books and the research that went into writing them.

“At our book launch, we hear the books and we eat them, too,” says Dr. Kelley (from the party in 2017)

“Our party is a blend of literary, visual, and even musical arts as we feature our authors, book designers, and the music of singer-songwriter Amanda Standalone,” says NDSU Press Editor in Chief, Dr. Suzzanne Kelley. “After the formal reading portion, the authors will be happy to visit individually with guests and to autograph books.”

The six books (in no particular order) and their authors are:
“Operation Snowbound: Life behind the Blizzards of 1949” by David W. Mills
“Songs of Horses and Lovers” poetry by Madelyne Camrud
“The Bakken: An Archaeology of an Industrial Landscape” by William R. Caraher and Bret A. Weber
“Sister Secrets: A Brother’s Reveal” by Matthew Valan
“Thunderbird” poetry by Denise Lajimodiere
“The Prairie Post Office: Enlarging the Common Life in Rural North Dakota” by K. Amy Phillips and Steven R. Bolduc, with a history by Kevin Carvell and photographs by Wayne Gudmundson

North Dakota State University Press is a scholarly and literary press that aims to become the press of choice for scholars of the plains and prairies. Since 1950, it has published an average of one book per year, but as of summer 2015, the organization made it their mission to elevate to university press status, which includes the publication of up to 10 books per year.


The third annual NDSU Press Party is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served and a cash bar is available to those of age. NDSU Harry D. McGovern Alumni Center is located at 1241 North University Drive in Fargo.

For more information, visit the event on Facebook.


“NDSU Press gives region a voice”

Out of the blue, I received a call some time ago asking if I’d be interested in interviewing for North Dakota Living, “North Dakota’s Best Read Publication.” Well, um, YES. 🙂 That  call was followed by another, this time from Luann Dart, who asked me multiple pertinent questions about the history of NDSU Press and just what it is we do. She managed to fit quite a bit of the story into an article aptly named, “NDSU Press gives region a voice.” Thank you for the attention, Luann and North Dakota Living. If you didn’t already get a copy in your mailbox, you can check out the story and photos here.

Photo by Ken Smith

When the “PRINTING” light is on, we’re all business. Thank you to Allan Burke, who keeps us all hopping at the Braddock News Letterpress Museum. From left to right: Sydney Olstad, Amanda Biles, Jerry Swartzenberger, Rachel Heuer, Clarence Hertz, Suzzanne Kelley, Angela Beaton, Allan Burke, Maggie (sorry, I can’t remember your last name), and Ken Smith—AKA Printer’s Devils.

Find out more about what we’re up to by attending our 3rd Annual NDSU Press Party, free and open to the public.

PressParty3 Back cr


Wishing All the Best to Angela

Please join me in thanking and congratulating Angela Beaton, who has served for almost two years as our Graduate Editorial Intern and who is a graduate of both the Intro and the Practicum in Publishing classes. Angela is leaving her assistantship here at NDSU Press for a terrific job at Minnesota State University Moorhead working in the Livingston Lord Library. Her duties will include coordinating the Comstock Read Aloud Book Award, now in its 13th year of recognizing authors and illustrators and promoting reading and reading aloud. She will also tend to the manuscript collections in the University Archives and take an active role in the Curriculum Materials Center. Angela’s last day with the press coincides with our 3rd Annual NDSU Press Party. When you see her, please wish her all the best. I shall miss her immensely, but I will enjoy our new friendship and professional relationship as colleagues. Best of luck, Angela!

Angela in San Fancisco

Kudos to Angela Beaton, Editorial Intern Extraordinaire, who ROCKED our first-ever conference exhibition. Here she is, ready to help folks at the Western Social Science Association 59th Annual Conference in San Francisco know that NDSU Press is publishing scholarly and literary works.